Meet Client


As an entrepreneur, speaker and author of the upcoming book After the Fall: Creating Success in the Face of Failure (Barrett-Kohler, 2016), I share the lessons I learned after my real estate firm failed in 2009, leaving me severely depressed, $2 million in debt and 50 pounds overweight.

More importantly, I reveal the process I designed and the system I used to pick myself up and create two new successful international consulting businesses less than 36 months later.

With a strong background in sales, marketing, process improvement and personal development, I work to empower new and aspiring entrepreneurs to profit from their passions while utilizing their talents to create a life they love.



I have been training and speaking publicly for more than 20 years at over 100 events.

I have spent the last 15 years of my career as a consultant and business owner. I am co-founder of Alexito Associates, an IT Consulting Firm serving corporate clients throughout the US and Europe. I began my career in the non-profit and government sector, having served as the Director of Workforce Development for the District of Columbia Chamber of Commerce, the largest Chamber in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. I have also served as Special Assistant Director for the Department of Housing and Community Development in Washington, DC, having been the youngest person ever to serve in this post.

As CEO of Client Company, I provide speaking and training at conferences for non-profits and corporations. We also offer online courses and publications to support small business owner success.

My favorite role is as “The World’s Greatest Auntie” to my eighteen nieces and nephews, seventeen great-nieces and nephews, four goddaughters and my godson. I reside in my hometown of Cleveland, OH and spend my free time reading, running and listening to music.