How to Get Value From a Failure

A few months ago, I was talking with a close girlfriend of mine who was going through a difficult divorce.  “I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut,” she said, explaining that she was truly shocked to find herself in this situation.  She shared with me that because no one in her immediate family […]

Selling for People Who HATE Sales: After The Sale

  Have you ever dated someone, who when you met, was absolutely perfect?  They did all the right things, said all the right things and truly seemed to walk on water.  However, after a “significant event” in the relationship, they seem to change.  You notice that they are not as attentive as they were early […]

Selling For People Who HATE Sales: Prospects, Offers and Closing the Deal

I love being out in nature.  I love playing sports outdoors, climbing mountains, hanging out on the beach or doing anything that gets me out experiencing the world.  Unfortunately, I hate bugs.  Big ones, small ones, ones that fly, crawl or hop.  It doesn’t matter.  I hate bugs of all kind.  So I’ve had to […]

It’s Not About YOU

So quit taking it personally Many of my new clients often tell me that they find it hard to sell their services.  I can relate.  Although I’ve been in sales for nearly two decades, making the switch from selling AT&T’s or MCI’s services to selling my own services was a big one. I’ll never forget […]

Selling for People who HATE Sales: Your Sales Mindset

The first thing that I say to all new clients that I work with is: “You’re not in business, you’re in sales.” However, for so many aspiring entrepreneurs, the idea of selling makes them want to cringe.  Given that sales is a necessary part of success in any business, its critical that we first release […]