The 3 Secrets to Living a Fairytale Life

kate with william

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, certainly lives a Fairytale Life. Though not from the aristocracy, Kate is now the wife and mother of the future Kings of England, her wedding was watched by more than 3 billion people across the world and multiple full-length movies have been made about her life and relationship. Fashionable, beautiful and invited to the most fabulous parties from Obama to Bono, Duchess Kate lives a life that is enchanted. A life she seems to absolutely love.

Like Kate, I believe average, everyday people like you and me can also live a Fairytale Life. It doesn’t take royalty, famous friends or even access to your spouse’s $40 million net worth. In order to live a Fairytale Life, or a life you love, try these three simple secrets:

Marry the right person

Marry the Right Person

This action alone controls 90% of your happiness and/or misery in life. A happy marriage is one of life’s great treasures and the first task in ensuring your Fairytale Life. We must start by choosing the right partner and become aware of the factors that make that person suitable for you.

Kate was not easily wooed, not even by the Duke of Cambridge. She and William dated for nearly a decade before she officially announced an engagement. Before you decide to marry someone, consider whether he or she will have a positive impact on your life and you on theirs. Chose the right partner and have at the foundation a friendship and partnership that makes sense for the two of you.

work you love

Do Work That You Love

This is critical in living your Fairytale Life and we Americans have a lot to learn from Kate and her English countrymen. Most American adults spend approximately 10 hours a day working (including preparing for and traveling to work), 8 hours a day sleeping and an hour or so per day eating. That doesn’t leave a lot of time in your day for you to do what you love or enjoying activities that truly make you happy. Therefore, if you do not take the biggest chunk of your day, which is working, to do something you love, it will be truly challenging to live that Fairytale Life.

In the book, The Profit, author Khalil Gibran says “work is love made visible.” When I talk about doing something you love as work, I mean doing something that makes your heart sing. This could be doing something that you could do for free, but something that pays you according to the value that you bring to your employer and/or clients. Allow your work to embody the best parts of who you are – something that ignites your passions and accentuates your talents.


Take Care of Yourself

Even if you have support like our Duchess Kate, it’s still so very easy to get wrapped up in taking care of our families and our spouses and our children. There are also our responsibilities for our work or business MBA. It’s easy to forget about ourselves. But to live a Fairytale Life, you must be very intentional about taking care of yourself: my mind, body, and spirit.

For your mind, constantly feed it with things that support you like books, audio tapes and inspirational messages. Feed your mind with things that are positive, happy, fun and are good for you.

For your body, it is truly about maintaining an exercise, eating and sleeping regimen so that your body has all the nourishment, rest and strength that it needs to be fully functional and in tip-top condition.

As for your spirit, integrate a meditation and prayer regimen to make sure that you remain spiritually grounded, fulfilled and clear.

Incorporating these three ingredients into your life may not land you the Prince of England or get you a sleepover at Buckingham Palace, but they will bring you the peace and happiness that come with living a fulfilling life that you absolutely love.

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