Becoming Invincible: 6 Ingredients to Living an Invincible Life



1.  too powerful to be defeated or overcome.
“an invincible warrior”
synonyms: invulnerable, indestructible, unconquerable, unbeatable, indomitable, unassailable

If achieving invincibility was as easy as taking a pill, we’d all be like Iron Man.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.  Insulating one’s self from being overcome or defeated by the adversities in life takes skill, effort and the right approach.  A very good friend of mine wrote a book titled Invincible Social Worker.  It’s a powerful book that provides a 6-part methodical approach to beating burnout and achieving success in the modern world of social work.  It was great to see how similar the principles for success in social work and life were completely intertwined.

Inspired by my friend’s book, here are 6 ingredients to living an invincible life.

Strengthen Your Mind

All success begins with your mind, so it is imperative that you strengthen your mind daily. This can be done by exercising it with practices that make it stronger.  Meditation, affirmations, positive self-talk and learning are all proven methods for strengthening your mind and making YOU more powerful.  From Mark Cuban, Magic Johnson and many other successful, high-performance individuals share how strengthening their minds in these ways allow them to better concentrate, foster creativity and a higher level of understanding while reducing their anxiety.  Doing these things a few minutes each day will be time well spent towards your invincible life.

Take Care of Your Body

In pursuing your invincible life, physical exercise and caring for your body will be critical to your success.  Do anything that will get your body moving, burn calories, increase your heart rate and make yourself feel a sense of accomplishment. This can be running, jogging, roller-skating, making love (yes, love-making is exercise — it burns about five calories per minute, increases your heart rate and requires the use of various muscles), or dancing.  Allow yourself to accomplish something physically challenging and rewarding.  Research also shows that exercise helps improve brain function, leading to faster and more accurate decision-making, increased productivity, greater creativity and innovation.  Taking care of your body is also about giving your body the proper rest and nutrition to ensure that it functions at the optimal level.  Exercise and caring for one’s body is the best way to combat stress and produce the energy you’ll need to lead a life of invincibility.

Feed Your Soul

Spending alone time enjoying inspirational and motivational speeches, listening to music, singing, dancing or praying are excellent ways to feed your soul.  These types of activities allow you to engage the right side of your brain which is less critical and more creative.  Feeding your soul is all about allowing you to experience inspiration, creativity and fun.  It also keeps us connected to our higher power and continues pushing us towards our invincible life.

Do Work You Love

To be invincible, plan to do work you love.  For most adults, the largest part of our waking hours are spent working.  Therefore, doing work you love gives you the greatest opportunity to spend the majority of your day being happy, fulfilled and content.  Doing work that makes your heart sing, work that you could do for free but work that pays you according to the value that you bring is key in achieving a life where you feel powerful and invincible.

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Become Powerful in Your “NO”

Saying this one small word  — “NO” — can be the most liberating and success-filled action you can ever do.  You must nail the ability to say “NO”.  Understand which opportunities to go after and which ones to throw out. Understand deep inside when you use your “NO” powerfully; you’re creating your own success.  Our lives are jam-packed with many things to accomplish and when you already have an excessive amount on your plate, piling on other people’s priorities or making ‘guilt commitments’ will make you less productive.  Even more, saying ‘yes’ and becoming unable to accomplish it will end up in a loss of reputation, friends, and focus – not to mention the added stress. Discovering how to say ‘NO’ may be one of the most crucial skills some of us need for our invincible life.

Surround Yourself with the Right Team

Constructing a team full of talented, honest people who supports you and holds you accountable to your greatness is critical to living an invincible life.  Your team members may include your spouse, your professional or personal coach, your friends, your staff, your prayer partners, accountability community even service providers like your hair stylist or barber.  Whoever your team members are, make sure that the are ‘A’ players.  Make sure that they are people who will tell you the truth, even when it’s difficult, and will always lovingly push you to your highest levels of achievement.  To achieve invincibility, you must have the help of others.  Success is a collection of relationships — choose wisely.


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Following these 6 tips will enable you to live a life where adversities and obstacles bend to your whim.  You’ll live a life of joy, strength, peace, fulfillment, power and love — and that’s a life that’s truly invincible.

What do you do that makes you feel invincible?

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