Selling For People Who HATE Sales

I Hate Selling

Have you ever said it before, “I hate selling.”

I’ve heard that statement a thousand times – both from myself and other entrepreneurs whose success depends upon our ability to sell our ideas, products and services.  Many of us love having our own companies and doing things our way.  Many of us get excited about offering the best products and excellent service to our clients.  Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to make money in business.  A business can’t exist without money and you’ll have no money without sales.

For the next two weeks, I will be sharing the 5 steps to making the sale, even when you hate selling.

Here is what we’ll cover in this blog series:

– Sales Mindset
– Finding New Prospects
– Making an Offer
– Closing the Deal
– After the Sale

I am so passionate about this issue because I know how much my thoughts, feelings and actions around selling has impacted my life and my business. I have been in sales for nearly two decades.  I have sold for MCI and AT&T as well as in business for myself selling IT services — but I have never really enjoyed the sales process.  When I started my real estate business in 2003, business was great so, even though I didn’t I care for sales, getting large checks each month helped keep me encouraged to keep going out there and selling.

By 2008, the market had shifted and sales began to slow dramatically.  I felt like I was pushing and pushing, but nothing was happening.  By 2010, I woke up 50 pounds over weight, $2 million in debt and severely depressed.  I knew that this wasn’t the life that I intended for myself. When I analyzed what had truly happened to me, I realized that it was my feelings about sales that had a tremendous impact on the loss of my business.

In the early days, when I was getting the results I wanted, I used those results to fuel me to do the sales activities that I needed to do.  But when the market changed and things got harder, I retreated.  I did not continue to employ the 5 steps that I will be sharing with you throughout this series.  As a result of not doing the things I needed to do, I negatively impacted hundreds of lives.  The lives of my husband and I, the lives of my employees who I had to layoff, the lives of our investors who had been my partners, the lives of sellers who needed me to help relieve the financial pressures their homes were causing them, the lives of the first time home buyers who needed me to help them achieve the American dream and the lives of family members and loved ones whom I could no longer assist financially.

When I figured this out, it was absolutely enlightening for me.

Committed that others wouldn’t experience this, I became relentless about doing the things necessary to ensure my success. That included focusing on my mindset around sales, getting even more sales education and taking immediate and massive action.

And today, my life is completely unrecognizable from the days after my business failed.  And do I still hate sales?  Well, it doesn’t matter. Because I am committed to doing the 5 steps necessary to ensure my sales success.

So, be sure to join us for the next part of this series where we will discuss sales mindset, the foundation of your success in sales and in business.

Until then, complete this sentence.  Sales is _____________.

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