Selling for People who HATE Sales: Your Sales Mindset

I Hate Selling

The first thing that I say to all new clients that I work with is:

“You’re not in business, you’re in sales.”

However, for so many aspiring entrepreneurs, the idea of selling makes them want to cringe.  Given that sales is a necessary part of success in any business, its critical that we first release any negative thoughts and feelings around sales and replace them with the thoughts and feelings that inspire action.

Today, in Part II of our Selling for People who HATE Sales series, we will begin at the foundation of your selling success; your sales mindset.

Your Mindset

The foundation of your sales success is your mindset. How you think about sales (and yourself as a sales person) is the number 1 determining factor in how you will perform in your business.

Why We HATE Sales

To begin this process, let’s examine the root of our “hatred” for sales. When I’ve asked people why they “hate selling” they usually tell me one or more of the following things:

  • Selling is manipulative. They say that sales is all about manipulating people into buying something that they don’t really want to buy. If you feel this way, chances are you see sales people as fast-talking slicksters. And who would ever want to be like that?
  • Selling is annoying. Because selling sometimes involves repeated emails and phone calls, both of which tend to be unwelcome, some have said to me that selling (and sales people) are annoying.  Most people have had unpleasant experiences with pesky salespeople who won’t take no for an answer.  And again, who wants to be a pest?
  • Selling is boring.  Because selling, sometimes, involves a lot of “hurry up and wait” while the prospective customers mull things over before they “get back to you”, many have also said that me that selling is boring. And boring is, well, boring!

If you personally hold any of those three beliefs (much less all of them), there’s no way that you won’t “hate selling.”

What Selling REALLY is

Now, surely you’ve heard all the traditional advice already. “Selling gets easier over time,” “just do it” or my personal favorite “no pain, no gain.”  Well, I’m not going to tell you any of that.

Instead, here is what we are going to do…pretend as if you have on a pair of glasses. Take a second for your eyes to get in focus. Now using THESE glasses, let’s take another look at what sales REALLY is.

  • Selling is actually helping. Because you’ve made the decision that you’ll never ever sell somebody something they don’t need, you’re free to see selling for what it really is: helping somebody else get what they want. Selling for you is all about making people happy by providing them with what they truly need.
  • Selling is actually sociable. Because you’ve made the decision that you’re not going to annoy anyone–much less a prospective customer–you’re free to look at the selling process in terms of making new acquaintances and having interesting conversations about stuff that you’re passionate about. Because you’re passionately sharing your passion, it’s fun for you and it’s fun for the other person too!
  • Selling is actually learning. When you decide to learn something valuable in every sales situation, selling becomes far more interesting than watching scandal or playing a candy crush. Get curious and you’ll never be bored again.

So now that you see sales differently, let’s talk about money because money is one of the outcomes we want from our sales, right?

Making money is the predictable outcome of a repeatable system.

Money is a result, now all YOU have to do is determine the inputs.

Inputs and Outputs

Let’s discuss inputs and outputs. For example, let’s say your inputs are butter, sugar, eggs, milk and flour. Next, you process these inputs in a certain way (i.e. stirring, mixing, blending, baking, etc.). Based on your inputs and the process you used, your output will be a cake. Now, might there be differences in various cakes processed by various people, yes. Trust that any cake processed by Paula Deen will probably look and taste very different from the one I would process.  However, undoubtedly, a cake will be the output if you process those inputs in a certain way.

Here’s the thing. Money works the same way.

The money you receive from your sales, or from sharing your passion with others, will be a direct result of your inputs and the way in which you process it.  The beauty is this is that you are in 100% control of the outputs (money, in this case) you receive because you can control both your inputs and the process.

Let’s pretend that you decide to share your passion with others offering fitness boot camps.  Your system says that for every 100 people who sees your boot camp ad online, you will sell one membership.  You know exactly what to do to get your ad in front of 200 people to sell two memberships, 300 people to sell three memberships, etc. Your inputs (i.e. the work necessary to increase your product visibility to 300 people) is in direct alignment with the money you’ve earned. That’s powerful.

With the right mindset, you will SEE that you have direct control over your how MUCH you share your passions with the world. You can share them a little bit and get a little money, or you can share them a lot and make a lot more money. The good news is that YOU get to decide.

To help solidify your new money-making mindset, here is a great guided meditation by my coach and mentor Lisa Nichols.  As a featured teacher in the movie “The Secret”, Lisa is an International Motivational Speaker, 6 time New York Times Best Selling author and CEO of the multimillion dollar training and development firm Motivating the Masses.  Click HERE for the Guided Meditation.

Be sure to check out Part III of this series where we will learn how to find new prospects, make the offer and close the deal all while enjoying EVERYTHING about it!

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